Love for good cars became the basis for the creation of our company in 2017. Often resorting to using the car rental service both in Ukraine and abroad, we noticed that the market is dominated by rather "tired" cars, almost always in the basic configuration and at dubious prices. The car may not even have an air conditioner and a radio, and this is in the days of electric cars and autopilot technologies. We asked ourselves why a person should feel discomfort when renting a car for a lot of money? Then the foundation of our philosophy was laid. There are no “old cars” in our fleet

Even economy class cars at the lowest prices will be equipped with a gun and air conditioning without any additional payments. We always choose mid-range and top-end vehicles for our fleet. Already in the economy and comfort class you will find such options as heated seats, heated steering wheel, panorama, keyless entry, leather interior, USB outputs, and a rear view camera. The latter, by the way, is installed on almost all cars in our fleet.

The latter, by the way, is installed on almost all cars in our fleet. Our prices will always remain one of the lowest on the market + we are always ready to meet customers who take a car for a long time and offer the most flexible conditions. Car rental without collateral is another great opportunity that removes the need to freeze significant amounts for the rental period. We invite you to become our clients and experience all the advantages of the Gelb philosophy.


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